Re-Framing Suburbia

A Short History of the American Suburb

Currier, Nathaniel. “American Country Life.” Digital image. Springfield Museums. 1857.

Pre-War Emergence

Pre-War Suburban Culture and Aesthetics

The Jacobs House by Frank Lloyd Wright, an example of a Usonian home
Riverside, Illinois town plan by Frederick Law Olmsted
Homes in the new development of Levittown

The Economics of Post War Housing

A suburban development outside of San Francisco by Joseph Eichler

Post-War Aesthetics and Culture

Satellite View of Irvine, CA

Deregulation and Suburban Housing

The Culture of De-Regulation

A selection of street signs from suburban neighborhoods
Montecito Apartments in Irvine, California

Current Day Suburban Forms

An example of a typical model of suburban development in Nampa, Idaho

What can the next generation of suburbs become?

An example of the new form suburban homes could take
The negative space of the lawn that exists between the homes becomes just as important as the homes themselves. The varying sizes and shapes respond to the different needs of the families that inhabit them.
A speculation on the form that a new suburban neighborhood could take, responding to the concerns of a new generation of home owners




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Kurt Nelson

Kurt Nelson


Recent graduate from University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Architecture program, currently working at KPF in New York City.